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jedimasterstar ([personal profile] jedimasterstar) wrote on February 14th, 2011 at 04:13 pm
Well, I think that I am going to do something stupid, but it should be fun at the same time.

I am thinking about participating in the [info]tardis_bigbang over on LJ. It's for the Doctor Who fandom and I think that it would be interesting to try. It has a 20,000 word minimum limit, but I think that I would be able to handle that.

And if she decided to it again this year, I want to try to do [info]oc_bigbang that [info]dragonsinger moderates over on LJ. I even have a good plot for it!

I do have other writing challenges that I need to work on. I am doing [info]love_bingo (yeah, I know that I am anti-romance, but I am trying to change that); though I have to decide if I am going to write. I do know, I just have to perfect it.

I am also planning on doing [info]story_lottery in the summer. Also working on [info]doctorwho_100, [info]crossovers100, and [info]sci_fi_prompts claims as well as the two I have on here - [community profile] fandom_promptsand [community profile] parthenon. So I shouldn't be too worried. Though I am.

See ya all later!
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