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2013-02-04 11:13 pm

I posted a new fic!

I did it - I officially created an OFC Highlander Immortal. Oh boy...

Her name is Talia Hayes and, if you like, you can keep up with her as I post stories.

You can find the first story:

On LJ: Here

On DW: Here

I will also be posting it to AO3. So, if you're on there, check it out.

And let me know what you think!
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2013-01-14 10:41 pm

And she has a name

After doing a lot of research, I finally managed to get something...something. I know, it doesn't make sense, but trying to figure out a good name for my OFC to use in my Highlander fic got a bit tough. Had to decide when she would become Immortal, what age, a basic idea of what she would look like, and things like that. And who her teacher was going to be.

Well, her name is going to be Melanie Yates. She is born in the 20th century (no idea when yet); and though her name basically means "dark", she's a blonde (go figure). Yet you can say that her name will describe her personality - which is a bit dark.

Off to plan some more!
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2013-01-09 01:56 pm

The pain that comes with an overactive imagination...

So, I said last night that watching Highlander was starting to give me ideas. Which it did. I am currently developing an original character for me to use in the 'verse and hopefully will be starting a story at the end of the week.

Gosh, my brain is going to explode.
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2013-01-08 10:53 pm
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I decided to watch Highlander again and find myself again totally the point that I am thinking of a story with my own OC in it. I hate it when I think up new things to my already story-filled brain. But I am actively thinking about doing this. Just don't know how to do it yet.