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2016-02-17 11:27 pm
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Well, in November, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - which means I’m on pills. To say that it has been rough is an understatement. It’s a whole new diet change as well as working on getting gym membership to work out a bit more.

The reason that I am talking about this is because there should be more awareness of it. It’s one common factor of death (my father had it before he died) and it affects many other organs in the body.

I was wanting to find a couple of people who might be willing to help me get through this change - just to talk. About anything too - doesn’t have to be about it (though one can start off asking about how I’m doing with it).
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2014-04-29 04:41 pm
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Well, looks who back...

It has been a very long time for me on here. I hope to become a bit more active on here; but time will tell. Hope everyone is doing okay!
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2013-02-03 05:12 pm
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Ready for some football?

Waiting for the game to start. This will be the first Super Bowl that I have been able to watch in about four years. I'm more going to be watching the commercials; but I will be rooting for San Francisco while I'm at it.

Anyone else watching?
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2013-01-06 07:24 pm
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The Start of a New Year

Wow, it's been a while since I have posted on DW (and post and cross-posted to LJ). Well, I am going to try to change that. It will probably be fandom stuff; but I will post some RL stuff (and that will be under lock).

I hope that everyone has been well and I hope to talk to you all soon!
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2012-09-05 08:47 pm
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Hello all!

How's everyone doing?  Hope everyone is doing well.

As for me, I just found out that when I talk to myself at work, my co-workers think I'm strange.  Not in a bad strange.  But in a weird strange.  I can live with weird.  Weird is good.  And they think that I am hilarious when I do it.  Okay, I talk to myself...a lot.  A habit from growing up an only child.  Only person I really ever had to talk to was myself.  Though this now comes in handy when I'm writing, so I consider it a gift.

And I am starting to love wine.  I started drinking a little bit before bed to help me relax and sleep.  And trust me, it's better than sleeping pills.  And I go for the cheap wine.  But it is good! 

Storywise, I need a volunteer to help me with a fic that I am doing for someone.  It's a fic fest in the Avengers fandom and I need someone to throw ideas at.  I do have a prompt (thank goodness), but I could use some support.  If interested, just comment!

And so far I have a 3.5 GPA so far at UoP.  This makes me very happy!  The classes are pretty tough at the moment, but all in the name of getting a degree.

Talk to ya all soon!

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2012-08-30 09:12 pm
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What's up, everyone?

Another update post.  Hope everyone is doing well!

Anyway, college is going well.  Almost had a mental breakdown over it but my mom whipped me back into shape.  She's pretty use to my depression and tries to help the best she can - which I love her for.  But now I'm pretty okay - still have my moments.

Elsewhere, I hate my job.  Oh, it's okay at times.  But other times...let's say I'm not the happiest person in the world.  I get yelled at - a lot.  And only by my general manager.  My other managers are pretty easy going with me and seem to understand me better.  But I am currently looking elsewhere - hopefully outside the restaurant business. 

Also, MY MOM BOUGHT ME AN INDOOR GRILL.  An early birthday present for me.  It's a George Foreman grill and I love it.  Think of the possibilities.

Also, thanks to ithildin, I now know that the Avengers is coming back over the weekend.  It's a one week thing; but I'm so happy.  The best part is is that I live 15-20 minutes from a theater that is going to show it!  Another early birthday present!

And with the movie coming to DVD eight days after my birthday, this is going to be a good month.

OH!  By the way, I am planning on participating in Nanowrimo this year.  So if anyone wants to be my writing buddy (a few of you are), just look up "jedimasterstar" on the site!  Hope to see a lot of you there!
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2012-08-18 10:06 pm
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Searching for a beta

I was wondering if someone would like to be a regular beta for me.  Right now, I am writing in the Doctor Who fandom and would like someone to look over things (mostly grammar, but if you see something else, just let me know).  Looking over other people's grammar is fine for me; but looking over my own...let's just saw it's sad.

PM me if you are interested!
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2012-04-12 11:47 am


Hope everyone is doing well.  Lifeis kinda sucks for me.  Dad has to go into rehab in order to walk again (he pretty much lost the use of his legs).  Mom is about to go crazy and I am going with her.

As for other things:
  • Decided to participate in Novel Big Bang over at LJ.  I think that I may have an original story that will work!
  • I so cannot wait for May 4!  I'm going to be taking a three-day weekend and going to see The Avengers a couple of times.  Mom thinks I'm nuts but who cares!  Let's just say I'm ging to happy to see Loki ;)
  • Speaking of Loki, I've decided to write a Loki/OFC story that takes place post-Thor and pre-Avengers.  The OFC's name is Keira Jones, a budding archaeologist who is doing research for her master's degree.  Oh, and she is the granddaughter of Indiana Jones - I couldn't resist.
That's about it for now.  I'm thinking about going to make new friends on LJ and DW.  May be worth it.
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2011-07-25 03:56 pm
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Gotta Love LJ

Well, LiveJournal is down.  All I wanted to do was check my updates, but there techs must be slow.

So, I am going to be browsing DW for a while.
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2011-06-21 12:43 pm
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Raindrops on Roses

Seems to be the song in my head today.

Anyway, found out this morning that my paternal grandmother died.  Strangely, I don't feel too upset - her and I never got along.  I was like the forgotten and unwanted grandchild compared to my two older cousins.  And yet, I am doing a bit better than either of them!  Those are long stories that I don't want to get into at the moment.

The bad part about it is that my dad is back in the hospital and may not be able to go to the funeral, which he is upset about.  So, I am going to be sucking up my disdain against his family and attend the funeral in his place.  It is going to be interesting.  Hopefully I won't get into any fights with my uncles (which tends to happen - which is why I hardly talk to them).

Anyway, I may have a few job leads that may involve relocation.  But it may prove well for me.

As for fic news...

My story for the [info]oc_bigbang challenge is going well.  My beta seems to love it, which is a good thing because she is one tough customer.  Now I need to start working on my ficathon story for [info]who_like_giants. I have my prompt and my plot, just need to get it written down.  The minimum is 1,000 words, so it should be okay.

Gotta run!
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2011-02-14 04:13 pm


Well, I think that I am going to do something stupid, but it should be fun at the same time.

I am thinking about participating in the [info]tardis_bigbang over on LJ. It's for the Doctor Who fandom and I think that it would be interesting to try. It has a 20,000 word minimum limit, but I think that I would be able to handle that.

And if she decided to it again this year, I want to try to do [info]oc_bigbang that [info]dragonsinger moderates over on LJ. I even have a good plot for it!

I do have other writing challenges that I need to work on. I am doing [info]love_bingo (yeah, I know that I am anti-romance, but I am trying to change that); though I have to decide if I am going to write. I do know, I just have to perfect it.

I am also planning on doing [info]story_lottery in the summer. Also working on [info]doctorwho_100, [info]crossovers100, and [info]sci_fi_prompts claims as well as the two I have on here - [community profile] fandom_promptsand [community profile] parthenon. So I shouldn't be too worried. Though I am.

See ya all later!
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2011-02-14 02:20 pm
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Getting to Know You...

I got this off of strangevisitor7 over on LJ.  Figured I can use it here.

Hey Flist!
Some of you I know extremely well(you know who you are) but others I know very little about. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she likes office supplies." I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.


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2011-01-01 04:31 pm
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And a Happy New Year!

I hope that all my friends on Dreamwidth are having a nice New Year!

Didn't stay up until midnight.  I went to bed around 8pm last night in order to be at work at 6am today.  It was so much fun!  (hear the sarcasm).

Anyway, hope everyone stayed safe last night!  Here's to a new year with all of you!