26 August 2010 @ 11:19 am
Life Update (8/26/2010)  
I am really pissed off.   I mean pissed.

Apparently, someone hacked into my Yahoo account or decided to use my Yahoo e-mail address and use it to start up a World of Warcraft account.  I didn't think much of it at first; but when I got a receipt for an Blizzard WoW store item with a credit card I don't have, I was pissed.  So I sent off an angry e-mail off to the WoW admins to cancel the account.

But what really got me mad is that now I have to watch my credit report more often now and make sure I don't get any unwanted bill about things that I don't have.  So far, my credit report is fine, mostly because everything is expired and I haven't renewed them yet.  I'm just going to close my credit cards.

And I haven't got any bills on any credit cards I supposedly have.

I hate people.


In other news, I have found a Human Doctor community that I like.  It's called [ profile] bluesuit_fic and it's for him in general.  I'm so happy!  I already posted "A New Path" on the community to see how that goes over.

I also joined up in to fic exchanges. 

For Criminal Minds - [ profile] cm_exchange
For Doctor Who Secret Santa - [ profile] dwsanta

I figured it would help to get my muse going again.

But if anyone wants me to write a fic for them, let me know!  I'm more than willing to do it!

I'll even put a post up for those who want me to so they can tell me what they want.
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